God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weird Dream

Now, I actually dream a lot. Usually, it's just short stuff, sometimes weird, sometimes mundane, and usually lucid enough that I can take them over when I feel like it. But sometimes, i have one that just lasts all damn night, and when those show up, I have no control over them. Last night was another one, and it has stuck with me all day, so I'm posting it.

Let me preface this by saying that the person in question here, is a very good friend, and this would never be an issue. Love ya, darlin'...sorry! *LOL*
For some reason, I went to what had to be LA, because I stopped in to see my friend TC. I can remember going by her work to say hi, but that was before the dream started apparently. I'm presently sitting on her couch, and I have the idea to sleep there while I'm in LA, but i know that she hasn't specifically said I could do so, yet, and she isn't home, that I know of. At some point, I walk past her room, from the bathroom, i think, and she's in there, staring at the computer. I start gathering my things, because I feel bad about it, but I take too much time trying to figure out which of 2 hockey jerseys is mine. She comes out, a weird look on her face, and tells me she figured I'd be here, and was OK with that, but seems oddly nervous, and goes to turn on the TV. Somehow, her roommate has showed up on the other end of the couch, but I never saw her some in. TC turns back to me, saying that it's gonna be hard having me there, because sometimes you do things you wouldn't normally do. I ask like what, and she begins to kiss me, but seems to not really want to do so. I tell her that she shouldn't do anything she thinks isn't right, and we decide to go get coffee instead.

We go to a mall, sparsely populated, where some random woman tells me, as I walk by, that someone she just saw could have been her sister, and then turns to greet her mother, who looks just like her, only older. TC and I walk to this restaurant/coffee shop, where we are told that it is reserved and we cannot get in. The maitre d' then turns to deal with someone else, and TC looks around and then slowly wanders in anyway. I lose her in the place, and end up sitting at a table with peopel i do not know, one of which is also named Frank. They are getting ready to leave, and looking at the check, when someone say s'wait, we're in Florida, right?" and they all hand their checks to one guy. I wander away, and come upon TC, smiling at a table next to a table full of Hollywood stars, and they seem very happy or impressed with something she's said. She asks if I want to grab a ride with her over to some party, and I say sure.

Next thing I know, we are at a gathering of people in a rather cluttered and messy apartment, sitting around watching TV. There are people around, but not a lot. TC and I are seated on some old cushion on the floor, right outside the kitchen area. She gets up at some point for something in the kitchen, and I remember leaning back until I was laying down, watching her...someone said something about liking this 'cat' look she had going on, at which she smiled. I lean back forward, and realize that I cannot find her. I go looking through the apartment (bigger than it seems from outside), and the back rooms are FULL of people doing hard drugs. I excuse myself, and end up leaving and going for a walk. I just kinda wander around, because I don't know the area, and eventually, I walk back.

I stop in a grocery store to get a pack of smokes, and the cashier starts to say something about store policy. I remember that i have left my wallet in my jacket pocket, so i do not have ID on me, but she assures me that the policy is merely that I need to get the most recent pack. I check the date on the pack of cloves I have just grabbed, and also check the other two on the counter...sure enough, this is the most recent one. I pay for them, and walk out, only to find TC with 3 friends having just exited ahead of me. we all walk a little further, and we end up outside a bistro/cafe sort of place, where we stop and continue the conversation we were having as we walked about attitudes, where one of the friends stops me and says "No, seriously...do you really think that?"...
...and I wake up. My jaw hurts.

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