God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

HPL Day 2

Some damn good flicks. Showtime is about to have a series called "Masters of Horror", and Stuart Gordon's contribution to it, "Dreams in the Witch-House" was premiered at this festival...and it kicks ass. Caught a few other flicks, all of which were excellent. Ran into Leopoldo, talked to him about his newest project. Ran into gravesme, and shared chocolate almonds. Caught up with rifkinite over at Things From Another World, and got a copy of Zombies!!! (with everything up through expansion 3.5) from him, as well as buying myself a toy, the Stikfa Alpha Male with Motorcycle (the yellow bike one, didn't have the other). We tried to have dinner at our fave little bra and grill, but they were swamped and busy, so skipped that. Scarfed some McD's instead, stopped at Blackwell's for a drink, laughed with some chick at the bar, and got back to things. The drive home was less goofy than last time, though still had a little bit of "was that our turn?" involved. Sheesh.

Headed out to the farm this morning, and then back out for day 3 of HPL films. I do try to catch up on you guys, but if I didn't comment on something you wanted my opinion on, my apologies, link me and I'll read in more depth. This is the one weekend a year I ask for myself, so I get pretty frazzled.

Man, I need a shower.

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