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HPL Day 3

Last day of the festival is always bittersweet. Still fun, but you know it's gonna end. Spent the day primarily seeing the short film blocks, which, as usual, were probably the most fun. On the other hand, I felt a little disappointed. There's always a few films that just don't work for me, that either build up and never really deliver or that just feel weak, and I thought we had more than usual that fell into that category. Not enough to make me feel cheated, just noticeable. On the flipside, we had some very imaginative and incredible flicks this year, too, so they took up the slack; the most notable, without question, was the HPLHS's adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu, done as an old silent film, and done extremely well. Just fabulous. Snagged some funny buttons (best one being "You Don't Know your Ass From Azathoth") and a Cthulhu Cultist Hunting Permit. As usual, I had a moment of being annoyed with the humans laughing at inappropriate moments and generally being stupid, but, much as I'd like to, I cannot kill them all. Not yet.

Another festival comes to a close. Time to start planning for next year. ;)

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