God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Well, Back To Creation.

OK, finally caught up with LJ from my days out of touch, and mostly caught up on the sleep and fatigue from this weekend. You wouldn't think it would tire you out so much, watching flicks for three days, but when you figure you're not home for 12 hours at a time, walking around, concentrating, etc., it does prey on you.

And now, back to life as I know it. Back to the "normality" of day-to-day stuff.

Oh, one stupid story to share: Saturday morning, when we stopped at the comic shop, we pulled up just as someone else did, too. They were next to us, and as the scruffy little punk gets out, he bangs his car door into us. Looks shocked, pulls it back, then gets out. I get out, come around to see if there's any damage, and the asshole walks away to the convenience store next door. I call out something derogatory while some chick is getting out of the back, something about not walking away considering the situation, and check it out. Chick stands there, though, as the driver is getting out, and I can see it's just paint marks left, no dent. I made some other comment to chick about the first guy, and head inside. Di watches out the window, and as they get back in their car, he damn near hits us AGAIN. I swear, if there is ever an option for a human hunting license, I'll be the first in line.

I'm still kinda tired, I'm annoyed with certain people, I'm lost as to how to help some others, and I'm just hopeful on a last set. I need a drink.

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