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Killing Ourselves


There was a time when great men gathered together, in a new place, and forged a new country, a place of freedom. They left behind the kings and unfair practices of previous homes, and in it's place set up somewhere shiny and new. No, it wasn't perfect (after all, slavery was still legal, women did not vote, etc.) but it was a dream, a chance to start again, to be free from the rule of tyranny.

Time passed. Things changed, usually for the better. Bloody wars were fought, sure, but the end results were new laws that established freedoms and equality. America was spoken of in reverent tones, a place where anyone had the chance to be their own person and make their fortune, a place where streets were paved in gold.

Where is that America now?

When was the last time you heard about laws being passed that were in favour of equality? Not for a long time now...but oh, can we name the conflicts that separate us: Abortion debates...Gay marriage...The so-called Patriot Act...Tax breaks for the richest while taxes are raised for the poor...Leaders lying about our reasons for striking first in war...Religious leaders breaking vows and sinning...the list goes on. With the sixties, there was a outpouring of protesting, the first real test of America's freedoms, and it has shown itself lacking. Time continues, and those freedoms are slowly removed, changed, or re-interpreted to remove the ability to be truly free. Our dream was shown to be quite different from reality, and America's masters showed that they tyranny their forebears left behind was alive and well in the hearts of evil men. And where is the country in all this? More importantly, where is that iconic America that is the dream of all free men?


Where once we were longed for, now we are reviled. Where once our streets were paved in gold, now they run with blood. Where once we welcomed others to the Melting Pot, now we turn them away or imprison them in Guantanamo Bay. Where once we had free speech, now we put protesters behind fences. Where once we had freedom of religion, now we make laws based on faith. That dream of freedom is slowly but surely being strangled by hate, corruption, and close-mindedness. As that dream of freedom dies, so does our National Character...as the dream dies, so do we all as citizens of this place.

Don't allow that dream to die.

Now you know where I stand. Don't fool yourself into thinking I give a rat's ass about political parties, they are all equally corrupt and useless in my eyes. I don't care for politics. I'm not interested in the petty bullshit, I want to see this country live up to it's potential and it's purpose. If that makes me a radical, then fine, I am a radical...and still a bigger patriot than any flag-waving, baby-kissing politician.

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