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Unfilmable.com has long been a wonderful resource to H.P. Lovecraft-related films. A damn good site, if you're interested. Anyway, I had sent a long rambling e-mail up to a Lovecraft mailing list that I belong to, and the people that run the site got hold of me, mentioning that one of the films was one they'd actually made and sent to the festival this year, and could they use my review on their site? I was flattered (especially since I didn't exactly give their film a glowing review!), and mentioned that my review was fairly terse. They replied something about wishing for more substance, so I wrote a longer review of their film. They wrote back, saying they meant they wished the film had had more substance (one of the things I mentioned was that it seemed some back story was missing), and that the review was fine.

OK, all this is groovy, but they sent me the link for my review on their site. Imagine my surprise and pride to discover that they had, in fact, meant they wanted to use my complete review of all the films at the festival!

So, yeah, wow. I'm extremely flattered. Here's the link, if you wanna read.. I may never be famous, but my names shall lurk in all the darkest corners...MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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