God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Wine and Whining

Spent the entire day at the farm, building wine racks. Got them finished, and installed, though, enough for 220 bottles. There's just something satisfying about woodwork, gotta tell ya. Transferred all of this year's blackberry wine to them (55 bottles!), and two more trips and we'll have all the wine on these new racks, and then, when the root cellar is built this spring, we'll move everything into there. The Chardonnay that's working right now should be racked in a week and a half, and once it's done we'll have 30 bottles of that, and we'll start the batch of Pinot Noir soon.

Dianna is doing a sleep study tonight, so I haven't seen her since this morning (the place is the opposite direction from the office as home, so she worked late and went straight there). Ended up eating dinner and watching movies and whatnot with Doug and Kat, which was cool, since otherwise I'd have been on my own. I guess she'll leave there about 6am tomorrow, and I'll see her at some point this coming morning.

Hmm. So, as I may have mentioned, I'd been worried about Jessica, since she pretty much disappeared. I've tried calling repeatedly, and always got the voicemail at her house, but never any answer. Once her journal was deleted, I was more concerned. Just recently, her journal was reinstated, but all entries are locked down, and still no answer or response. I just wish I knew what was going on. The not knowing is maddening.

So, yeah, I'm missing my ladies.

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