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Support Your Local Sheriff Comic Shop

Dianna woke me up when she got home at 7:30...very good to see her, of course. After some serious snuggling, we got up to get the day started. Groceries, breakfast, etc. Quickie note: the family at the table next to us this morning should be slapped around. Mom, Dad, and daughter...or, as Di put it, Mr. and Mrs. Push-My-Daughter-Around and offspring. I mean, they were planning every aspect of her teenage life, even down to telling her what sports she was going to play; it was just sad to hear (and, just to clarify, she had to be at least 16). Anyway, stopped in the movie resellers and snagged Transformers: The Movie on DVD for 9 bucks, and some other assorted crap, and then headed to the comic shop for my standard Saturday appearance.

Walked in the door, Aaron (owner) looks up for a conversation and yells "OH MY GOD! I knew you guys would come in today, so I saved this...I have a promo pack for you! Just go through it and take whatever you want out of it." He puts a huge stack of stuff on the counter, which turns out to be swag promoting Saw II. There must have been 15 t-shirts; stacks of flyers, stickers, and and temporary tattoos; a mask of the Jigsaw doll; and a keychain that plays the sound clip: "Oh yes...there will be blood." Needless to say, we grabbed a bunch of swag on top of the comics I was already getting. Yes, he rocks the fuckin' house.

See? Pays to be friendly with your local shops.

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