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Armchair Philosophy

Time for Reverend Chaos to rant for a bit. Nothing heavy, though, just observations.

You know what's wrong with the world? Because I do. No, I'm not claiming to have all the answers, but I sure can help narrow down a few. And so I shall impart them to you.

One problem the world has is that of sensitivity. I'm just as much at fault here, so no telling me that I'm a hypocrite. We have no concept, as a species, of how to balance sensitivity. Either we are over-sensitive, allowing things to hurt us that are not worth the heartache, or we are under-sensitive, and refuse to allow ANYTHING to affect us.

Sure, it's good to feel the pain of others, in that it allows you to not only identify with them, but to sympathize, and thus share their feelings, lessening it, making their day better, at which point pain passes. It also allows you to share in the joy of others, even when their happiness is from something that cannot be yours in any way.

It's also good to shut out emotion. Taking things too much to heart that you have no connection to causes unnecessary pain. Not allowing yourself to filter out environmental noise results in overload.

Obviously, a balance has to be struck. Know when to say you don't care. Just as importantly, know when to care.

Another thing wrong with the world: There aren't enough butt-rockers left in the world. And most of the ones that do give butt-rockers a bad name by acting moronic or redneck. Support your local butt-rock fanatic...they love the simple pleasures in life, and are therefore easy and fun to be around.

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