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You know, there are some things my fat ass generally doesn't believe I should be doing. One of those things is "crawl around on a roof, replacing and mortaring stove-pipe", and yet, that's one of several things I found myself doing yesterday. Still, it needed doing, and no one ELSE was gonna do it. So, the stove-pipe at the shop was replaced, inside and out, and now looks better and is free from rusty holes. Between that and cleaning the shop form top to bottom, my day was pretty well full...that shop had not been cleaned in 10 years, I'll bet. No, not exaggerating, which is why it took all day...but it looks better than you can imagine, and the slight rearranging makes it easier to get around. Now, we just need to get the rest of the wine down to the temporary racks, and finish gathering crap to go to the dump, and that'll be one more project off the list.

So, it occurred to me last night that I've discovered a new little twist to myself. When I basically did nothing, that was the norm and therefore it was smooth. Now that I spend just under half my time at the farm, I find that my days home are very, very boring...and I hate being bored. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the "lazy, less-than-groovy" feelings I've had lately. I don't think that's it, but I don't think it was helping, you dig? Anyway, hopefully that'll just pass, and maybe my next doctor will listen and give a shit.

For now, though, I'm-a find something to munch on, light a fire, and keep running this song on repeat for a while. Not only does it kick serious ass (I've been a fan of The Smithereens since they made it big in '86), but it reminds me of days on the stage with The Weekend Warriors, as discordian's drums thundered out the beat, Phil's guitar tore through the break, Byerly's bass kept the melody, and I belted out the lyrics and the crowd responded...glory days...

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