God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, links within links within I-should-be-in-bed within links brought me to a video by some rapper called J-Shin entitled 'Baby Mama Drama". The track basically says "damn, my baby's mama won't leave me alone, always telling me what I need to be doing for our child, and I'm sick of it...I give the kid money every week, I even see him, why shouldn't I be allowed to go on living my rap-star life and seeing whatever bitch I want?"

Yeah, 'cause that's really all you need to do for a child you helped bring into the world, asshole. I'm saddened that someone would think this was a good idea for a track, and a good idea to promote, and I'm saddened that any culture would spring up where this was not only accepted, but was widespread enough to be the subject of a musical track that an entire audience could identify with.

Sign of the times, I guess. I need to make myself an icon of a shirt I recently saw and want to own: "This zeitgeist sucks."

For all my sadness, though, I gotta give one point: it's an incredibly bootylicious video. Quite NSFW, obviously.

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