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Well, the final racking of the Chardonnay was yesterday, and it'll get bottled in 28 days. We'll start the batch of Pinot Noir tomorrow, which I know Ray is looking forward to. Gotta tell ya, I sampled that Chardonnay while we racked it, and it's DAMN good.

Speaking of which, I finally got a good pic of the wine racks we built...

OK, just for reference: all the wine on the lower right (next to Ray's leg) is this year's blackberry wine, 55 bottles. The lower left ones are 2004 blackberry (41 bottles left). All the top left are 2003 Pinot Noir (from home-grown grapes, no less!), 53 bottles. Behind ray on top right is are the few remaining bottles of 2002 Pinot Noir (10 bottles), two bottles of 2002 Concord Rose, and one bottle from 1997 (I think it's Pinot Noir) that Ray's been saving until his birthday in 2007. We'll be adding the 30 bottles of Chardonnay to these racks, as well as the 30 bottles of Pinot Noir we're making, and another 30 bottles of Gewürztraminer which we'll do next. The old racks (in the back) and the new racks (up front here) can hold a total of 440 bottles, all told.

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