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A Mention Of Thanks

Got an e-mail this morning...no, it was not what you might think, nor FROM who you might think. For the sake of decorum and out of respect I am not going into detail about the message or sender, but I did want to say thanks again, in public, for it. It gained my immediate respect and high admiration, both for it, and for what it showed. And that was VERY pleasing to see right now. Thank you, madame. I hope that we can become and stay friends.

Well, I spoke too soon about the sleeping well thing. After only being awake for 12 hours yesterday, I went to bed, only for the reson that I had nothing better to do. Proceeded to toss and turn all night, constantly waking up with a stiff neck and jumbled memories of snippets of disjointed dreaming.

Bianca is supposed to be back at school today...which means I might actually get to speak to her sometime today! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pumped about it, to the N-th degree! Now, to just keep hoping all will stay cool...wait and see, I guess.

You know what I realized last night? It was a wonderful revelation. People say all the time 'what do you want out of life?', and you wrack your brain, looking for something to say you want, because you don't really know, you just know you want to be happy. Well, last night I realized what I want. I want to dance in the snow. I want to stare into the fireplace. I want to snuggle down into the couch during a movie. I want to run on the sand and collapse in the surf. I want to drink beside the bonfire, and run through the woods in the dark. I want to stand in the rain. And I want whatever all of those situations lead to. And most importantly, I want to share all of them with someone else. Everything else, EVERYTHING ELSE, is secondary...it's all negotiable past that.

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