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Cryptic Looks Into My Psyche

Cliff Steele, that's me. For whatever reason, I've always identified with him. The big, indestructible one, taking care of everyone else, no matter how much stress he was under. He made the wisecracks, but in the end, he was the most reliable, the easiest going, the most protective, and the quickest to bounce back afterwards. Even when he decided he needed enough help to check himself into an institution, he still couldn't escape that nature. He's not without his faults, his own psychoses, and they prey on him...but they didn't stop him.

The story of when he met (and later rescued) Crazy Jane? That's all I've ever wanted. To convince someone to come in out of the rain. I still have a small poster of that moment, on the bridge. And I still get a small tear in my eye, a little hitch in my chest, whenever I read it.

Yes, I know you have no idea what I'm talking about. Too bad, really. It's powerful stuff.

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