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“Well...*chuckles* that was a lot of fun. Uh, Draven and I were just sort of...attacked by three vicious dogs in our neighbourhood *chuckles* I, uh...I fear for any one of them that would have gotten too close, because, between the two of us, I'm pretty certain we would have taken them apart, but probably might of gotten a bite in the meantime. I've a feeling one of our neighbours is either going to get a nice call from the local constabulary or at least a vicious talking to or dressing down by yours truly, *chuckle*, I'm not dealing with this shit for long, that's for certain. Either way, I'm not going back outside to try and go get them, seeing as the bitches have been standing outside my window watching me, which is a little bit disconcerting, not too bad honestly, but they're pretty good sized dogs. So I'll deal with that tomorrow, more details then.

Hey, I trust your having a better evening than I've been having, Ciao.”

Transcribed by: archmage

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