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13 December 2005 @ 05:55 pm
Spent a good chunk of the day out in the cold with a hammer and chisel knocking old mortar off of old cinder blocks, so they can be re-used. 81 blocks later, my right shoulder and arm are not happy with me right now.

Current Music: James Brown - Night Train
Baracus Naturalmadeofmeat on December 14th, 2005 03:58 am (UTC)
That which does not kill you makes you go for the heat pack and the ibuprofen.

But hey, $90+ and a couple of big truck runs saved.
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Rollarchmage on December 14th, 2005 07:33 am (UTC)
Yeah...just not looking forward to doing it again. All told, we'll end up with close to 300 blocks that we'll have to do this to, as we're gonna build a root cellar out at the farm. 81 down, 200 to go...