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So, head out to pick up dravengodvamp last night, get back about 12:30. Not tired, so play a little pinball until 1, crawl into bed and read until 2, just trying to get tired enough to sleep. In all this, it dawns on me that I never confirmed that Ray needs me at the farm today, but figure that he usually tells me if he doesn't, so I leave a note for Di to make sure I'm up and moving in the morning.

Anyway, lights out at 2 a.m. About 2:30 a.m., I'm awakened by Dianna curled up against me, crying. Turns out she had a bad dream of me leaving her or something, so i hold her and calm her down. Eventually, back to sleep about 3:30.

Seven a.m. came way to soon. Try calling Ray to confirm, no answer. Figure this probably means he's on the road to come get me, so i get up, get dressed, and get out the door. Grab a bite to eat and some caffeine, get to Di's office. No Ray, so I try to call again...and he answers, saying no, he doesn't need me today, it's too cold.

*sigh* Gee, thanks for the advance warning.

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