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Once Again, Canada Figures It Out...

...while America wallows in it's own Puritanical-scented filth.

Canada Lifts Ban On Swingers Clubs

The long and short of it is this: the Canadian Supreme Court has said that consensual sex behind closed doors was neither indecent or a risk to society. No money is changing hands, so it's not prostitution. It's consensual, so it's not rape or indecent. It's not in public, so it's not a threat to the public.

Wow. Succinct, intelligent, and relaxed. Obviously not American.

First, same-sex marriage is legalized, then sex other than heterosexual-married-couple-missionary-position is openly accepted. Canada is looking better and better every day. If only America would get off it's unenlightened kick and realize these kinds of things.

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