God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

"You’re a Mean One, Dr. Doom"

(*sung to the tune of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch"...with profuse apologies to both Marvel Comics and Dr. Seuss and much thanks to the loonies over at ComicsPriceGuide.com*)

You're a mean one, Dr. Doom
You really are a snob
You're as handsome as a toaster
As exciting as a knob
Dr. Doom

You're a bad dictator
Who needs a mean lynch mob

You're a monster, Dr. Doom
Your armour's full of rot
Your country's got just peasants
It's a vile vacation spot
Dr. Doom

I wouldn't go there with
Thirty-nine and a half Doombots

You’re a demon Dr. Doom
Your black magic is just vile
Your time travel is atrocious
Your 3rd person's full of guile
Dr. Doom

Too arrogant to admit it
but Reed Richards' wins by miles

Without mercy Dr. Doom
You rule with Iron Fist
With your subjects 'neath your boot-heal
When you're dead you won't be missed
Dr. Doom

If I had a choice in the matter
I'd send you to 2099 bliss

You're a gypsy Dr. Doom
You grew up on the run
Now you've crushed all pursuers
All their murders so much fun
Dr. Doom

You’re Latvia’s version of
Attila the Hun

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