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Well, yep, power supply seems to be the culprit. If things go according to plan, I'll head out with Doug on Saturday and get the new one...in fact, for the same price as I was going to pay for the power supply, it looks like I can get a whole new case, with that power supply in it...and the new case will have better airflow than the present one, which will help my occasional overheat problem. So, in the end, I'll end up better than I started out. On the down side, I'm without my machine for a few days.

Now, for most of you, that would be a minor inconvenience, at worst. It would suck, but you'd deal. You must understand, though, that I rarely leave my house anymore. The only people that come over, mostly, are John and divinemissb for the Thursday night game (which hasn't happened in two months, nearly...thanks a fuckin' load, holidays!), and of course Doug and Kat living next door (who have their own life, you know). I don't blame anyone for this, as I'm basically a boring person. ;) No job and no car equals no human contact. So, my machine is my connection to the outside world...,and it's temporarily cut off.

Yes, I'm a sad and pathetic creature who brought this all on himself. I know this, no need to tell me.

Spent most of yesterday split between sleeping, watching Doctor Who: Lost In Time - The Patrick Troughton Years (Xmas prez from in-laws...thanks!), and reading all 21 issues of Marvel Comics' Hellstorm, which I bought as a Xmas prez to myself. Since Di gave me the Purgatori comics for Xmas (finally!), I'll start reading them today and finish Doctor Who, maybe get some darts in.

Why do I think you care? No idea. Just me being me, I guess. See how I get without my baby?

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