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Friday Pix

Yes, with the holidays out of the way and the new year well under way, it's time for a new edition of the Friday Pix!

It's a tad chilly in Versoix.

Cute Cat Section

Starbuck's, it ain't.

All together: Awwwwwww.

Headbanger Cat: "Yeeeeeeah!"


A piano, done as what appears to be the alien from 1956's It Conquered The World.

Now, I can't read the Russian, maybe discordian can help me out here, but that DOES appear to be a member of the KKK on the bottle...
UPDATE: Much thanks to my snow-sniffin', babushka-wearin', borscht-swillin' Russkie buddy-fo'-life: "The label is read as "Zhid Off" the "Zh" sound is like that of the "s" in "Asia". Zhid means kike. The message across the top of the lable reads "Drink Zhidoff and save Russia"

Dapper Dog Section

Good To The Last Drop, apparently.

Doggy Daddy

Parachute Trick...yes, there's 80 of them.

It's never too early to take up a hobby.

Just an average truck driving down the road...

...smuggling a shitload of cocaine.

Wacky Water Section

Waterdrops on spiderwebs.

Water dripping off a leaf, down a snail.

When religious freedom becomes a traffic hazard.

Paris and Nicole, BFF.

Even the handicapped deserve to be able to crowdsurf.

Now, THAT'S tired.

Armour, apparently fashioned from tires. If I was skinny again, I'd want this, bad.

Flying Fatties Section

"I've always loved you."

"I've never loved you."

Funky Fish Section

According to the picture series, this large catfish tried to swallow a child's small basketball, and not only got the ball stuck in it's jaws, it was unable to swim, because the ball floated. Eventually, someone punctured the ball and freed him.

Fish caught with two mouths. The lower one is non-functional. The fisherman said he was going to eat him...and why not?


Good computer techs are born, not made.

And, with that, we bring this edition to a close. hope everyone's holidays were decent...personally, I'm just glad they are over and maybe things can return to something resembling normality.
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