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Sanity For Today

priestofcards text-messaged me this morning, telling me to wake up...well, the ringer going off caused exactly that reaction. How'd'ya like that, guy disappears for 6 months at a time and then wakes ya up out of a deep sleep. What a goof. ;)

Plenty of people sick around me, it seems. Beyond the rather shocking one posted a couple days ago, Dianna's got some stomach flu thing, bad enough that she's been going to bed really early and cut out from work early yesterday. bloating her tummy up, she feels like shit. Kat's had a cold, Erik had a little something...I guess this means I should plan on feeling pretty rotten in the near future.

Work is presently non-existent. My contract with GCCS to work for AOL Yellow Pages closed out late last year, and haven't had anything since then. We're not doing bad, but I'm starting to actually consider looking for a "real" job again. If I could just find something simple and low-key, part-time, then I'd probably take it. Finding something like that that doesn't conflict too badly with my schedule and problems, though, is tough, so who knows.

As for work out at the farm? The winter is slow time, less good weather to do things and less that has to be done. The wine-making is going nicely, though. We bottled the Gewürztraminer yesterday, and it's just beautiful, clear as a bell. Started a batch of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Been having some emotional issues lately. Mostly of the "feeling sorry for myself" variety, which doesn't really count anyway. It also looks like half of everyone I know is having relationship issues, which is always a tough time. I must remember: I cannot save the world, and I cannot force people to do the right thing. I hate telling myself that, though.

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