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Shut Up, Asshole

Some groups really do need to be reminded of the facts of reality.
Golden Globe winners spark righteous anger

Christian groups led a furious campaign against Hollywood yesterday, accusing the Golden Globe Awards of promoting films with gay or “leftist” themes to serve a political agenda. The criticism was made after Brokeback Mountain, a film about the forbidden love between gay Wyoming cowboys, won four awards. Other winners included Philip Seymour Hoffman, named Best Actor for his portrayal of the homosexual writer Truman Capote; and Felicity Huffman, the Desperate Housewives actress who played a transsexual with a gay prostitute son in Transamerica.

"Once again, the media elites are proving that their pet projects are more important than profit," Janice Crouse, of Concerned Women for America, said. "None of the three movies — Capote, Transamerica or Brokeback Mountain — is a box office hit. Brokeback Mountain has barely topped $25 million (£14.2 million) in ticket sales. If America isn’t watching these films, why are they winning the awards?"
First off, who gives a shit about the Golden Globes? Christ, do we have enough award shows or what? Art is what it is, and is not exactly something you can judge, anyway. Movies win all the time that I think are complete piles of rotting shit, and films that I feel were incredible and more than noteworthy get little more than an acknowledgement of existence...but that's the way it is. Thus, who cares if it was a hit? Scream was a hit, and it sucked donkey balls. And, come on, Brokeback Mountain is still in theatres, it may very well turn out to be a huge hit, you never know. What a dumb fucking comment.

Secondly, there's, what, 25 awards at the Golden Globes, and 4 happened to involve homosexuals. So, call it 15%. Now, figures for the percentage of American citizens who are gay or bisexual vary, according to who's doing the telling. Anti-homosexual-oriented sites claim the 10% figure Kinsey stated is a myth, and say the actual number is only 1-2%. Homosexual-oriented sites seem to agree that 10% is incorrect, but figures still show between 7% and 9%. Now, keeping that in mind, figuring for statistical error and for natural variances, 4 out 25 isn't unbelievably off the mark.

Thirdly, talk about the pot and the fucking kettle. The awards don't go their way, and suddenly it's a huge political agenda...but if there was ever ANY group that had a huge political agenda, it's the Religious Right. Up in arms about every little thing they don't like, always forgetting that it's a free country. So what if a movie happens to involve homosexual themes or have a homosexual character or actor? Guess what, it's part of the world, it's gonna be there.

I love the fact that a group who has 'love thy neighbour' as a central tenet is so rabidly and adamantly xenophobic.

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