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Another day at the farm. This one, damn...put up the last of the metal siding, including the corner pieces (over corrugated metal, what a pain in the ass), then cleaning out everything inside the building, getting a load of gravel, shovelling said load of gravel into the building for the floor (that's a yard of gravel, kids, 27 cubic feet of it, weighing something like 3000 pounds), then getting everything back inside or tossed in the garbage.

Yeah, I'm dirty, grungy, and soon-to-be-really sore. On the flip side, it sure is good to get it done. It would have been a tiring but good day if I hadn't had to start it out by arguing politics with Ray...and the worst part is that he doesn't really listen to what you say, he just forms a response and goes with it. I finally got him to calm down and shut up long enough to actually see what I was saying, so he could realize he basically agreed; this was after half an hour or more of him getting all worked up, telling me things like "well, you're just absolutely fucking wrong"...I tell ya, there are times when I wanna deck him.

Shower time for me.

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