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Not A Good News Day

OK, right off the bat, Chris Penn was found dead, no sign of foul play, cause of death not determined yet. Damn, that sucks, I liked him. A good actor, and seemed like a decent guy. Guess the cocaine caught up to him.

Onward now to mega-mega-corporate hilarity. As I'm sure you've heard, Disney is buying long-time partner Pixar Animation Studios. Now, seems to me that Pixar was, not long ago, talking about how they were looking forward to finally closing out their contract with Disney, so they could stop working on Disney's crappy shit and get going on their own stuff, infinitely better than the pablum Disney churns out (my words, not theirs). And now, they're being bought outright for $7+ billion in stock. *sigh* I was so looking forward to seeing what those wizards at Pixar would do when left to their own creative devices...something more adult and interesting, no doubt. Instead, we'll have more "Toy Story" sequels and such. Steve Jobs, presently CEO of Pixar, is about to be Disney's biggest shareholder...on top of running Apple Computers. Anyone else see a shadow on the horizon? I'm scared, and very, very glad that I don't watch TV, since the partnerships and cross-promotions are bound to start soon. My condolences to my Mac buddies, who probably liked that Apple was never overly cute in it's advertising.

Interestingly, UPN and WB are going to both shut down and join to launch a new network. Called 'The CW' (for CBS Corp and Warner brothers), they say it'll be aimed mainly at young and minority viewers. Isn't that what both the previous networks were aimed at? So, what we have here is two stations who picked a niche and failed, joining forces to stick with that niche and fail. Good luck with that, guys.

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