God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, now my arm is gonna hurt for a couple days, while the shot settles in, but damn, will it be worth it. Had a moment in the waiting room, as I caught this little old woman watching me. She was 80-something if she was a day, and when she noticed that I noticed her, she smiled and apologized, saying she was just admiring my jewelry (earrings). I mentioned that my wife had even more, and that got her asking me about her piercings. I mentioned that I was more into tattoos, and offered to show mine. She thought my wedding tat was "very sweet and romantic in a different sort of way", and she was floored by the philosophy behind my chaos star. When I mentioned I had one more, she sheepishly asked if it was "somewhere I couldn't show her", which resulted in a hearty belly laugh from me. When I showed her the pin-up on my calf, she was amazed at the workmanship, and surprised that it was a comic-book character; "They sure have changed since I was young!"

She was just the sweetest little old lady I've talked to in a while. I almost wish I'd gotten her number or something, I'd have offered to come cut her lawn or something, she was just so nice.

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