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I might actually be almost catching up on my sleep. Well, OK, not really, but I slept later than normal for a change, and I'm pretending I can feel the difference. Play along at home, it's fun and educational!

OK, I just wanna say one quick thing; first, this guy puts out his "autobiography", right, with all it's uplifting little anecdotes about his time in rehab, etc. Oprah Whackjob picks it up, makes it one of her book club selections, and the book sales go through the roof. Lemme digress for a sec: am I the only one that thinks she's a self-important lunatic that needs to shut up? I mean, come on, who the fuck is she to have this clout, she's no one...at least, she's no more than plenty of others. The talk show is bad enough, but then there's the magazine, and, cripes, this fucking book club.

But anyway, so it comes out that the author "embellished" the book; oh hell, let's call a spade a spade, he made shit up. People get all indignant. Now, hold on here. I agree, if you are going to call it an autobiography, then it should be true, that being the point. If you made it up, it's fiction. However, regardless, if you read it and it made you feel good, who cares? If it helped you, then be happy it helped you. Still, I can see where people would feel betrayed. But, OK, moving on, Oprah continued to defend the book. That seems to me to have been a stupid move. It basically said that she didn't want to admit she was duped. That's a lack of integrity, kids, but then that's exactly what I expect from someone who wasn't allowed to shop when a store was closed and then told the world it was a racially-motivated moment. She even called into the Larry King show to support this guy.

So, OK, she kept her housewife fan base going with this book, until even the publishers came out and admitted that things were falsified, embellished, and altered. Now she has the guy on her talk show, and while being occasionally tearful, accused him of "embarrassing and disappointing" her. Can she just admit she was duped? No, she has to being him out and cry at him. Frankly, I find it hilarious that, as he admitted he made shit up, that the crowd reacted "with a barrage of groans, gasps and boos"...as if they hadn't previously known this.Poor little deluded dupes, hearing only what their goddess tells them.

In the end, who gives a shit? She will continue to play the demagogue. Sad, bored people will continue to worship her.

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