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Stuff, Stuff, And More Randomly Titled Stuff

Slept surprisingly well, all things considered. And yes, for those that asked...you are prolly right about what happened. And I'm handling it surprisingly well, so far.

A big welcome to my newest friend, dragon_moon...and I want to say a big thank you to her. Darlin', you got me laughing this morning in a way that I desperately needed. much thanks! "I guess surrealism is not your cup of tuna." BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA

We have created a new inside joke, in the group. Last night, kespernorth was teasing Cher (the cat) with a long strip of the bubble wrap left over from Steph's torture. Holding it above her, he dangled it, pulling it out of her swipe reach while giggling and chanting 'Kittystrip! Kittystrip! Hee hee hee...kittystrip!' We all got a good laugh out of this (not sure why, but go figure), when Cher finally manages to snag it. Without thinking or missing a beat, I call out 'Kittystrip THIS, bitch!'...which reduced everyone, including myself, to tears. Needless to say, it's now 'one of those phrases' in the group.

My friends are the source of my true happiness...thank you for being who you are.

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