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Quebec seizes yellow margarine, Raids turn up 72 tubs. - Agriculture Department inspectors swooped down on four Wal-Mart stores in the Quebec City area yesterday and seized 72 plastic tubs of yellow margarine with an estimated street value of $179.28. The margarine is butter yellow, which makes it illegal for sale in Quebec.

Friday the 13th...Part 12?!? - Someone's got the bug to make another, and this time they want to 'explain his origin'...like that hasn't been done before. Please, please, don't subject the original badass slasher to the same crappy treatment that gave us the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, huh? Whattaya say?

A mum bought her children a My Little Pony cartoon on DVD as a treat - but was horrified to find it actually contained a hardcore pornographic film. - Oops.

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    Jim Jeffries On Why Other Countries Think US Gun Laws Are Crazy Pretty well sums it all up, as far as I'm concerned.

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