God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Mundane Personal Updates

-- Still not sleeping enough, but doing better than I was. On the road to having that out of the way, hopefully. Shoulder still hurts, don't think the shot really did anything this time. Yeah, that's just fuckin' great. Knees still hurt, the glucosamine didn't seem to help at all. That was a possibility we had from the beginning, though, so no surprise. Should go back in to the doc, let him know that, and (unrelated to the knees) get a couple of these moles taken care of, finally. Mood has been OK, there are outside factors to that; I had an opportunity to take the Buspirone, but I can't really say how it did without comparison. Not bad, though. More when I have more to report. Sure would be nice to have a doctor look at me and say "ah, this is the problem, we can fix that" and do it.

-- All my fishies are still alive. Guess I figured out how to do it right, this time. It's very relaxing having the tank right where I can turn my head and see it from my desk. We were thinking of getting another cat around the house, but various things made us decide not to do so. We still have the mice, too, of course.

-- Thursday night game is more silly and less serious than I originally wanted/planned for, but it's good to have friends over to game at all, so I'm not complaining. If things work out, I'll have the twice-monthly Friday night game started soon. Really need to get going on the painting, eventually.

-- Speaking of leisure, moved the dartboard inside. May be a while before I can get the dart cabinet built, but I have a backboard in the meantime. Not getting any better, but I'm also not putting the time into it that I should.

--Tackling the kitchen today. Front room looks great, kitchen clean is today, upstairs tomorrow. Why knock myself out doing it all in one day? I got no one to impress.

-- Not seeing Erik this week, as Dianna is sick and doesn't want him to get that way. Trying not to become sick, myself; I'm not really worried, I don't tend to get sick, in general. Just trying to take care of her...and everyone else, too. Speaking of which, there is another situation that my mind and care is occupied with, very close to the heart, but I'm choosing to say nothing in public, right now. Suffice it to say, it sucks, but I'm not surprised by it.

-- In City of Heroes news, my scrapper has hit level 21, completed my cape mission (though I don't wear it, as it looks stupid with my outfit), and our new Super Group is going strong. He's a bad-ass fighter, lemme tell ya. Just paid for a year of the game, which should tell you how serious I am.

-- I've got a ton of comics to read and cartoons to watch, and multiple stuff that needs to be burned. I've got CDs to make and send out, I've got graphics to do...how can guy with no job get so swamped?!?

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