God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Everyone Knows I'm The One To Come To

Hey, you need something, whatever it is, you come to me. All my friends know this, and I like it that way...but I do get some weird requests sometimes...

A******: whack me with a 2 x 4, my head hurts
Chaos Blackflame: OK, lemme grab one...
A******: -gee thanks!!
A******: x)
Chaos Blackflame: *rummaging through his bag*
Chaos Blackflame: Hmmm....
A******: oh no, not the *bag of tricks*
Chaos Blackflame: Don't think I've got one handy...wil a nightstick do?
A******: no!!!!
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...ok...let's see....
A******: not the night stick *quivers*
Chaos Blackflame: Louisville Slugger?
A******: are you a cop or something? haha
Chaos Blackflame: How about a brick, I have 5 or 6 of those...
Chaos Blackflame: errr....
A******: NOOOOOO
A******: lol
Chaos Blackflame: *buzzing noise* Damn, how'd that get in here....
Chaos Blackflame: *quack* get down!
A******: oh, you have a dildo now??
Chaos Blackflame: Ah, here we go...chair leg?
A******: FREAK!
A******: okay that'll just do
A******: stick it in my ear
Chaos Blackflame: the chair leg?!?
A******: oh yeah baby\
A******: just like that
A******: uh huh
Chaos Blackflame: OK...
A******: awww yeah
A******: stick it in the pudding
Chaos Blackflame: That's right...
Chaos Blackflame: who's yo daddy?
A******: you!
A******: you mah daddeh
Chaos Blackflame: That's right...I'm yo daddy
A******: uh huuuuh
Chaos Blackflame: You know you love it...
Chaos Blackflame: you know you want it....
Chaos Blackflame: What's my name?
A******: surely do
A******: frank!
Chaos Blackflame: Yeeeeahhhh
A******: put it in my buns!
A******: sorry, im feeling rather loopy today
Chaos Blackflame: LMAO
Chaos Blackflame: You are a riot, darlin'
Chaos Blackflame: **HUGGZ**
A******: so..uhhhh... yay for loopy meds!
Chaos Blackflame: hoo-ah!
A******: *hugs back*

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