God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

What A Lady, What A Night


Starts with last night's game, which was kinda distracted and off-base, didn't feel right, and kinda torqued me off a little. Yes, I'm at fault, too. Then, as people were leaving, divinemissb's car wouldn't start. That led to me, Aaron, and John out in the cold trying to help get her jumped off of Aaron's truck...but to no avail. John gave her a ride home, and I went to bed.

Awakened this morning by the phone ringing, being Saturn service automated call telling me someone would be there in an hour. Stumble out of bed, into the bathroom, when the phone rings again, being the tow guys. After some confusion (they called me by divinemissb's last name before I knew who it was), they said they were on their way. Another phone call from Saturn service, this automated message inviting me to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, when this was all done. Jump in the shower, while drying off, phone rings again (4th time, for those counting along at home), it's the tow guys, they're outside. Pull some clothes on, get outside in the freezing cold (26 degrees Fahrenheit) to give him the keys, come back inside for shoes (yipe!), go back outside, help him push the car into position. Come back in, another phone call from Saturn service, this automated message telling me that their records say the guy oughtta have been there by now, and if I did want to participate in a customer satisfaction survey (zealous bastards, ain't they?), I can do so. Phone rings again, it's the bank, wanting to know if we sent our car payment for this month yet. Phone rings AGAIN, it's the apartment manager, telling me the guys will be here any minute to check out the leaky ceiling in my bathroom. I hang up and the truck is pulling up in front of my door. Let them in, explain the situation, they poke around, end up shutting off the breakers to part of my house (at least these guys were nice enough and smart enough to let me know what they were doing, so I could shut down my computers) so they can safely remove the light fixture from my bathroom completely, so no more fear of hazard until they can get the roof fixed. As a side note, I still have the fixture. It's so old and rusty, it's fucking scary. I saved it to show zombiedip when she gets home.

All that in two hours. 10am, and I'm already beat.

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