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Couple days ago, I noticed I was sneezing a lot. A lot. Wondered what might be in the air. Yesterday, woke up, nose was stuffed up, felt rough around the edges...yep, I'm sick. I don't tend to get sick, really, so this just sucks. Went out to the farm anyway, and the day wasn't too bad. Couldn't get to sleep last night, woke up entirely too early. This morning, even more stuffy, eyes watering, feeling ragged. Fuck a duck, this is ungroovy. I hate feeling like this. Luckily, I have some Mountain Dew, which makes everything better.

Speaking of the farm, we bottled the Cabernet Sauvignon. Had a little left over, so we had to give it the taste test. Now, it'll sit in the bottle for about a year before it's really ready to drink, but it was still pretty good, just now. The Trio Blanca had the last additives put in, and it'll be ready to bottle in about 3 weeks, and the Mango went through it's first racking. Wine central down there, I swear.

You ever stop and think about how some of your tastes change as you grow? In high school, I was a die-hard Dr. Pepper drinker. Eventually, I sorta shifted back to Coke, but in the past year or two, I've found myself sticking to Mountain Dew most of the time. Odd.

Got some incredibly good deals on books at B&N last night. Most of today shall be spent playing CoH, before the D&D game tonight.


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