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Early Mornin' Drinkin' Chaos Pimp

Ended up on the phone with sylvaine2001 last night at some ungodly hour, but it was cool anyway. I wasn't doing anything, anyway, except sitting there watching wayren and caliban play games and drinking. (**NOTE TO SELF: Drinking too much lately...**) it was good to talk to her, really talk...we haven't had a chance to do so in a while. Only downside was that it ended up making me sit there and deal with the situation at hand...well, I knew it was gonna happen. At least i was out of the public eye.

Didn't sleep much. Woke up to find wayren and 01flux still awake talking. She went to bed, but wayren and I sat around atlking for a while, which helped a lot...danke, bro'. I'm thinking food would be a good idea...Wendy's is calling my name...

Gotta hit the mall, and get me some money, and then that money is going with me to the store, where I will attempt to pull a Frankenstein act on the Magdalene. Also have to hit the liquor store for tonight, and, (*looks around*) man, this place needs to be cleaned.

Looking forward to seeing you guys that are showing up for the soiree tonight! Good friends, good booze, snack food, slasher flicks...*BG* here's to good times, tonight is kinda special! I know of at leat 6...anyone else? You know you wanna...

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