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Friday Pix

Not as large an edition as it has been lately, but, hey, give me a break, I'm sick.

Brings new meaning to someone "talking your ear off" on the phone

Now THAT'S an aquarium!

A sure sign of a place NOT to park your car

Good timing on the pic, as he dove through the wall of cans onto the mattresses. Ahh, college...

A pool built for one, one of the many, many perks to working at Google.

Not sure exactly where this is, but I was fascinated with the work that went into this huge building on it's own little island...in the midst of nothing.

"Man, the kid has been driving me CRAZY today..."

Somehow, I bet she's not moaning for him to go faster.

A hot-rod snowmobile


Creepy clouds

Extreme Snow Section

Yes, this last one is Photoshopped, but still funny

Graffiti with a difference

2-legged dog

No, I have no idea what's up with the giant, inflatable, apparently walk-through-able dead barbarian.

Stretch motorcycle

And that's enough for this week. Hope you all have a great time, I'm going to continue to sit here and feel like shit. However, it's amazing how little you notice when you're mired in your video games. ;)

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