God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Adventures In Sanity - Need Tech Opinion

7am: wake up, after a night that was not exactly filled with good sleep. Take Dianna to work and drive home.

9am: took Raven so Doug and Kat could go to their appointments without having to deal with a baby. She's in a bit of an exploratory mood, so she tends to be a handful, getting into stuff that she shouldn't. Makes for a long morning.

1:30pm: Kat picks up Raven, says Doug will be right over. I jump in the shower, Doug comes over.

2pm: we head out to Clackamas. We have two things in mind to find: 2 80mm case fans and 1 92mm case fan. If the price is right, we might get a fan controller bus. We head to one place, get a great deal on the 80s (four for 8 bucks), but no 92s. The only bus we see is overpriced. We stop by another store, to find they are sold out of both. A third store, same. A fourth store, same. Called a fifth, no luck. What the bloody fuck?!?

4:30pm: stop in at Dianna's office to pick her up. She's got a headache and sent me a message at 2:30 asking me to bring her a Vicoden, which, needless to say, I didn't get. Grab Erik, get in the car to come home.

5:45pm: Doug starts installing the fans. Open the case, discover that the 92mm fan we never found is no big deal...as there's already one installed. Note, always check these things first. At one point, he goes to turn the machine on to see if the fan he's just added works OK, and nothing happens. At all. Turns out he hit the reset button, not the power button, but with the issues I've had in the past, this damn near gave me a coronary. Finally install three new fans (one in the front as an impeller, two on the side for exhaust), and fire up, all good, lots of airflow. Pizza arrives (frankly, I'm so stressed I can't cook), and we sit down to eat and watch Home Movies.

Now, here's my present boggle: the whole reason for this excursion was the fact that, during some games, when things get graphically heavy, the thermal control would kick over the main back fan into high, causing the screen and sound to have a momentary "hiccup", which would happen again when the control dropped the fan back into low. Figuring this meant we needed better cooling, we added the fans, simple always-on, powered fans. Now, I'm noticing that about every ten minutes (actually, 8), the back fan kicks into high, and if I'm running CoH (which would cause it to kick inhard during heavy graphic moments), it now kicks on when I start and just stays on high. There's no reason the heat should be up, so I dunno why this is happening, but it pisses me off that it would happen at all. Makes me wonder if the temperature sensor is going goofy or something.

My heart rate is up and my mood is for shit at the moment. Just a warning.

EDIT: Just had a thought: perhaps, with the new airflow, the heat from the processor is being pulled over the sensor, causing it to register more often. Even when doing nothing, if the heat flowed over the sensor, it would kick in, and if it were always happening, it would kick in regularly. When playing a game, the heat would be more, of course, and thus it may register pretty much continually. I can feel the heat coming out of the fan grill, and it's only a little warm. I think what I need to do is disconnect the back fan, wire it into the others, turn off the mother board's temp sensor, and install a fan rheostat. Thus, i can just let them run, turn them up if I'm gaming, and not get that 'hiccup' of the power kicking over the fan. Sound reasonable?

EDIT 2: Added a monitoring utility to check my fan speeds. Turns out that both the CPU fan and the back fan were running less than they should have been for the system I have. Left the automatic kick-over on, but set the baseline RPMs higher...that seems to have done the trick. I still think I was right about the sensor and the airflow, but this appears to compensate for it nicely. System is definitely running cooler than before, which was, of course, the ultimate goal. Even when it DOES kick over, the jump is less than it was, so it's not such a heavy 'hiccup', really not that noticable. Time and temp trials in the next few days will confirm all this, of course. Added bonus: I love monitoring stuff on my machine, even when I don't ocmpletely understand everything, so I now have a new bit of monitoring I can stare at and act like I know what I'm reading. ;)

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