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Friday Pix

As I sit here and wait for UPS (who claims they tried to deliver yesterday, but I don't believe them), I figured I might as well entertain you.

That's one way to get kids fired up about going to school.

The cake at the neighbourhood nerd's birthday is always a little different.

I didn't notice the oddity about this landscape pic until about the third time I saw it.
(*Hint: tilt your head left*)

Well, THAT took talent.

Yes, the elevated roadway fell over. Oops.

"Dear, you said our driver is a what?!?"

"Dear, this hotel stinks."

That's a carved watermelon. My hat's off to whoever did that.

I'm pretty sure that's the flattest car I've seen.

Baby porcupine. Just the cutest damn thing.

"I said tap it lightly, Ferguson."

I...I just...I don't know.

In poorer areas, even household objects can become jewelry.

What, you planning on selling it to Paris Hilton?

The Pied Piper of Coruscant

The Empire starts Stormtrooper training early, with the "Vader Youth".

Flying in low

Hot on the heels of democracy in Iraq is capitalism in Iraq.

Sister Mary Elephant auditions for the production of The Sound of Music at Our Lady of Perpetual Motion

Well, kids, that's all for this week. Now, if only the UPS guy would show...

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