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Juggalos In The Strangest Places

Up and out for our Saturday morning agenda, which generally starts with breakfast. One place we like to frequent is a restaurant called Fatty Patty's, a diner chain which has good, if not-necessarily-the-best-for-you food. Anyway, it has a "kountry kitchen" feel to it.

Now, I didn't feel like putting much thought into my attire this morning ('cause, you know, usually I'm just so GQ), so I had tossed on a pair of jeans and my Insane Clown Posse 'Riddlebox' hockey jersey. Breakfast goes fine, good food and lots of talk about sex, and we finish and go up to pay. Waitress comes to the counter, middle-age soccer-mom type, and as she's ringing things up, she looks up and comments on my "FBI" hat. I smile and laugh, and then she looks up again and says "Oh, ICP, very cool."

*blink* Her? A Juggalette?!?

Yes, true. We talked about the band for a second, noting that they are coming on tour in a few months, and who might be opening for them, etc. Paid our ticket and left, and halfway to the car I just stopped and stared at Di for a second, looked back at the diner, and just blinked. I'd have lost that bet, no question.

You just never know what some people listen to.

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