God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

High Notes

For several years, now, I've been a member of a group called the "Technology Advisory Board." What this high-falutin' name boils down to is that I periodically get invited to participate in consumer surveys of technologically-oriented stuff. Nothing cool, just questions, but after they are done with any one survey, they draw names out of those that participated for some cash gifts, etc. Personally, I just like giving my opinions as a "business owner" (DarkGod Studios is, after all, owned and run by me). A couple of times, though, I've gotten a few bucks, sure, that's cool.

So, couple days ago, I get mail form them saying that they received a check back, and would I update my address? Now, not long after we moved, I got a check in the mail for $12, and decided it wasn't even worth dealing with, and figured this was regarding that check. Still, I updated my info, and let them know I had done it. I promptly forgot the whole thing.

Today, I check the mail, and get an envelope I don't recognize, hand-addressed to me. Apprehensively, I open it, figuring it to be some bill collector or something. Inside? Check for $100. No complaints, baby.

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