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Now, there's a million examples of this on the web, I don't have to link them here...although, I'm going to link one in particular, because it's the most egregious examples I've ever seen.

May I Take Your Order?

OK, after you're finished laughing, come back.

Now then. In this day and age, information shifting back and forth, people learning more and more languages...there's simply no excuse for this twaddle. It's not hard to find someone who can actually, I dunno, TRANSLATE one language to another, and that same person can proof-read the finished work, so there's no need to pay for two workers. With this in mind, why do we continually have to put up with badly translated Chinese menus? It's one thing for it to be a sign IN an Asian country, where the likelihood of someone needing the English translation is low, but a menu meant to be used in America? This is just absurd.

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