God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll


OK, so Saturday...

- Grab chaosreality and help him procure the desk that was found on Freecycle
- Run a couple errands, including hitting the comic shop
- Then, oh then, I simply must fire up whiny_general's new machine and make sure it works fine. See, the machine was sent to me, as planned, but when I pulled it out of the shipping box, I heard something rattling. Opened the case to find one tiny jumper inside. now, every jumper on the mobo is black, and this one is yellow, which is already odd, and I don't immediately see any place that should have a jumper that doesn't...but, then, I'm not a hardware guy. I have the mobo manual, so I'll go over it again with a fine-toothed comb and see if I can figure it out, and probably end up calling dravengodvamp for help, if need be, but mostly I just need to hook it up to a monitor/mouse/keyboard and see that it works OK.

Here's the other issue: I've been putting this off for a week, now. I've narrowed down that these odd "panic attack" things only happen when I have computer issues. Strange and stupid, I know, but you gotta understand that my machine is, easily, 50% (or more, really) of my life, anymore. it's ,my connection to the world, and I'm probably interacting with it more than I do any other single thing in my life. Machine issues always made me nervous, but it seems that my body has decided that it will over-react to them, now-a-days. Hell, even just thinking about it gets the feelings started; adrenaline goes up, heart rate increases, get out of breath, stomach ties in knots. Yes, this SUCKS.

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