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Been a long day. Erik's grandmother gave him a buzz-cut, and it makes him look really stupid...and no, she didn't do it because he wanted it, he's just too non-confrontational to say anything. She basically did it so he'd look more like his father, which I think is a cheap and stupid way to assert anything...especially since it makes him look like such a tool. Ah well, c'est la guerre.

Took the new machine up to the farm to get it installed...which took all flippin' afternoon. Mostly this is just due to the large amount of back-up stuff that had to be restored (still not done, will finish this week). Ran into a couple little snags, but, then, it wouldn't be geek work without a couple issues to tech. All good in the end, except for the fact that the DVD drive has trouble opening, seems to be snagging on something. I guess I'll pull it out this week and see what I see, but it's a DVD/CD-RW combo drive, and I'd rather she had two separate ones, so I'm not overly worried, as I'll be swapping form one to the other in the near future. Even with that little sitch, she loves it to death, and that's all that matters in the end.

Bottled the Trio Blanca and the Mango today...and I gotta tell ya, I'm not a fan of mango, but that stuff is fabulous. Got two bottles in my fridge, and I think a chunk of tomorrow shall be spent enjoying them.

And now, a little CoH badge hunting before dinner. Afterlife Kid on Justice server, say hey if ya see me.

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