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/ Insert Insane Laughter

"SILENCE!" Maul bellowed, nearly stripping his vocal cords. Palpatine smirked, refusing to stop. That was it. Maul had to escape. NOW. He snatched Palpatine's cloak and started for the exit as hard as he could go. They made it to Main Street USA before the crowd packed in about them, forcing them to a standstill.

"What's this?" Maul rasped desperately.

"It's the closing show. There'll be music. Fireworks. Tinkerbell." Sidious informed him.


"Just look." Sidious pointed upward.

Maul gazed up at the castle in despair, needing to disbelieve... but THERE SHE WAS, the little fairy was FLYING TOWARD HIM...Something deep inside Maul snapped.

"IT'S TIME TO REMEMBER THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, vaulting a somersault onto a nearby lamp-post and letting fly with his lightsaber. The guy wire snapped, the dummy Tinkerbell falling into the castle moat. Maul threw back his head and bellowed insane laughter. He balanced easily on the lamp-post, fireworks exploding behind him in the night sky, and summoned purple lightning. ZAP! So much for Adventure Land... SIZZLE... that was Frontier Land... FRY... Goodbye, Republic Square! FWUMP, Mickey's Toontown Adventure went up in flames... KABOOM!!!! Tomorrowland was leveled. Maul spared Main Street USA, figuring that if it went, he'd never make it out himself.

Hee hee..."Sith Academy" kicks ass!

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