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Monday Morning, Again

Short notes:

Kult quote of the evening:
- "Wait, don't bathe in that water, this is an illusion, it could be blood, or slime, or who knows what?" -- "I don't care, I want to be clean, and I'm OK with an illusion of clean, cause I think I'm clean. Whee!"

discordian: Weird dude. Sometimes these things work out that way. Not to sound crude, but I kinda expected it.

kespernorth: Glad you are doing better, and feeling better.

Started playing 'Devil May Cry' yesterday...damn, that game is too pretty for it's own good.

Oh, and the new 'Concrete Blonde' album? It kicks ass. Kinda reminiscent of the 'Walking In London' era, in that it is a little disjointed, and yet still melodic. Not as flowing as "Bloodletting", deeper than "Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals", as deep-seatedly dark as "Mexican Moon". I cannot WAIT to see them, end of this month.

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