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Farm day! Let's see....bottled the port today, and oh. my. fucking. fuckanuts. is it good. You know, when you are filling a bottle and you go a little too high, you just gotta sip that off the top...well, I was feeling the effects by 8:45 in the morning. Needs about 90 days age on it, and it should be good to go...at which point there are a couple of you to whom I've promised bottles, and I'll start seeing about that. Holy fuck, it was good...

Finished that, went to trim some ivy away form the well house roof, managed to slip and slam the hand clippers into the middle fingernail of my left hand, so I have an ugly cut across it. Hurts like a sonuvabitch. Yay, what fun. After bandaging that up, it was time to go crawling under the south deck to get under the house to turn on the water down the hill and to the north spigots. Did this only to discover a broken pipe under the north deck. Tried to get at it by crawling under said deck, only to find my progress blocked...which meant crawling back out. Lemme tell ya, I've crawled around in too many tight spaces today for one fat man. Finally took off part of the lattice-work to get under the deck and spotted the problem. Luckily, the broken pipe section was to a spigot that isn't used anymore anyway, so, in the end, we just hacksawed off the broken section, capped it, and called it good. Finished up a design for a long wine-and-wineglass-rack that we'll build and install in the kitchen, and my day was done.

Here's a big 'fuck you' to anyone who thinks that, because I don't have a 9-to-5 job, I don't work. Because they're out there.

EDIT: Oh look, just stubbed my little toe. Fuck.

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