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Fish Ahoy

OK, back from the park. Turns out the pond stocking was for a kids' fishing event tomorrow, so part of the shallow area of the lake was roped off to keep them close...

This park is literally two blocks from me. It has a more official name with the city, but locals refer to it as Klineline Park (since that's Klineline Lake).

You enter from the right, and the lake is the dominant feature, though there's more green to the left and picnic tables, etc. Back behind the building you see is another, smaller lake. It's open year-round, but in the late spring and summer, when it's warm enough, the front half of the lake is open to the public for swimming, while the back half is open to fishing. Pretty nice little place, actually.

As you can see, it's a typical morning in the Pacific Northwestern US, cool, grey, overcast, about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Just perfect, IMHO. thisismostlyme called to make sure I was up and moving (as it turns out, I was outside my front door, locking up to leave, go me!). I got there a bit early, but it was nice to just sit and relax at the lake. Soon, people started to show up, setting up tents for the event tomorrow, etc. Met up with thisismostlyme, her kids, and her mom (who works for the Fish and Wildlife Department). We chatted for a bit, and the trucks came in.

That doesn't look like much, but it actually has 2,500 trout in it. Over the course of the day, there'll be four of them. It drove in and backed up to the lake.

A long-ish hose was extended from the truck to the water...

...and in they went. Fun facts: the fish tend to come out tail-first, since the instinct is to swim upstream. They also stay right next to the edge for a while, because they are used to the fish runs at the hatchery. A few looked dead when the water cleared, but they were just stunned, a little poke and they swam away. Click here to see a short little video clip of the release, you'll see just how much was flowing out of that hose.

I didn't get a picture of the ospreys that were circling, but you could tell they were ready to eat. We did see one of them catch a fish, which is pretty cool to watch if you've never seen it. I hung out a while longer and helped put up a tent, then climbed back on my bike and headed for home...which is unfortunately uphill from there, so my fat ass was dragging by the time I hit home.

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