God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Fun Stories

Police say microwave was involved in death - Apparently, this guy wanted his girlfriend to heat him up some sandwiches. When she wouldn't do it, he threw the microwave at her, beat her. kicked her, stomped her, and pounded her head on the floor. He went to a neighbour's to call 911, but they weren't home, so he came back, checked for a pulse (which wasn't there), drank a beer, and went to another neighbour. He admits to it all, but says he didn't mean to kill her...I'm curious as to what kind of sandwiches they were?

Man seeks to swap a red paperclip for a house...eventually - Internet creativity at it's finest. he starts with a Craigslist ad saying that he merely wants something bigger and better for his red paperclip. Someone gives him a fish-shaped pen for it. He trades that for a small ceramic painted doorknob, which he trades for a Coleman stove to a guy who needs a new knob for his espresso machine. This goes on and on...he's up to a free year's rent on a house in Phoenix! I'm waiting to see this one work, 'cause I bet it does.

15,000 layer photo-realistic Photoshop picture - Pretty Damn Impressive.

Tales of British Entitlement Whores - White trash: it's not just for Americans anymore.

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