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20 April 2006 @ 08:41 am
Nature Red In Tooth And Claw  
A couple of video links I saw this morning...kinda disturbing, if you are disturbed by this sort of thing.

Snake regurgitates an entire hippo

Giant centipede eats mouse
Sphynx: Falling Leaftheatresphynx on April 20th, 2006 04:14 pm (UTC)
I didn't know centipedes were carnivorous . . . that was crazy... and the hippo one..... just, boggles my mind
celticcross13celticcross13 on April 20th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
Having watched my own snake devour many-a-critter, I am guessing that the video of the snake swallowing the hippo was reversed. Maybe not...I don't know. Regardless, I'd say it bit off more than it could chew. LOL

This kind of shit fascinates me.
Baracus Naturalmadeofmeat on April 20th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC)
I thought the same thing, but the human boots walking around in the background suggest forward playback. I've owned a gopher snake and while I never saw him cough up prey (happened once after feeding, but I wasn't there), I know it's not uncommon. Especially when the snake is being harassed. Mean humans! The snake ate that hippo fair and square!
Treasach: inner childtreasach on April 20th, 2006 05:45 pm (UTC)
I couldn't watch the one of the hippo; our Windows program is apparently too old to handle the neccessary plug in.

As for the Giant centipede; if I saw that big fucker in my yard, I'd be beating it to death with a shovel--not filming it!


Drunk on immorality, valium and cherry winescurvykat on April 20th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
That's how big the centipedes are down here in the land of Tex. :-). One ran past my foot a couple of days ago.
Karinkiwigal on April 20th, 2006 07:05 pm (UTC)
that was sufficiently disgusting. I was able to watch the snake/hippo, but the second that centipede started chomping on the mouse and it went 'sqweek' I had to turn it off.
kittnslavekittnslave on April 20th, 2006 10:14 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to get settled so I can go look at all these odd links that I have been missing because I can't watch them at work...