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Huh, Wha?

Man, I'm tired. Haven't slept too good lately, must be the weather change (well, that and late-night CoH runs...). Also, was up way early to get down into town and meet up with John and company in anticipation of yesterday's Civilization-fest. Fourteen and a half hours of strategic building, fighting, and trading...ah, gotta love the geek games. My beloved Egyptians had a strong start, playing fairly defensively and building up quite an impressive empire, suffered a few calamities that hurt them. They held on bravely, but a civil war which cost them north-western and north-central Africa, and they hadn't even had time to react to it before a flood wiped out the core of the empire, leaving only a few scattered people and two remote cities. It was a crippling blow from which they simply could not recover enough to compete in the world arena.

All in all, good times. We're talking about making this a every-other-month kinda thing, potentially, getting together for a marathon Saturday game session (time to dust off Junta! And credo! And add Robo-Rally and Zombies! to the mix...).

Finally took out that recent-ish piercing in my left ear, the vertical one. Just tired of my ear hurting, tired of it not healing properly, tired of it being in the way, etc. Getting in the car yesterday, banged my ear on the door frame...right on the pierce. That's it, I didn't really want it in the first place, and it's annoying. Out it goes, no mo', baby.

Should be installing the new wine rack out at the farm, maybe I'll get a picture. Gotta put MS Excel on Burlison's computer, too. How weird is it that I look forward to Monday, because things slow down? Not THIS Monday, though, first fuckin' thing I hit the doctor to get rid of this thing on my lip. Hope it doesn't hurt too much, would rather not be in pain all day. We'll see.

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