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Cut Me Open

Finally went to the doc today about the scar tissue on my lip. He checked it out and said I was probably right about it being just scar tissue, but there was also a chance that it was a warty growth, possibly from a virus (originally), and he wants to send it to pathology to be 100% certain. Well, I recall doing the biting, etc., so I'm pretty certain that's al it is, but, hey, he's the doctor. Anyway, he ended up cutting it out and stitching it up.

Probably be sore and a little stinging for a couple days, and I go back in a week and a half to make sure everything's cool. Gotta try not to do any heavy chewing, etc., for a couple days, so I guess it's soup for me! Yeah, great, wonderful. Good to have this fucking thing gone, though.

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